“Nature is the teacher of life”

– Laurent –

Inspired by Mother Earth and the beauty she provides, Laurent de Beer is Master Goldsmith and designer at Atelier de Beer, home to the haute jewellery he creates and art it inspires.

Laurent has crafted gemstone jewellery for women since he was fourteen years old. Spending time with her, observing and admiring her, he is able to craft the individual’s dream jewel—a piece of nature to hold her emotions, enhance her femininity and express her essence.

In his work, you will sense the oceans and islands, dusk and dawn, earth and clouds and sky, and the wild animals who combine to create the wonder of the natural world. Each piece is a one-off, made to reflect the story of a life.

Atelier de Beer features bespoke work, custom-made for women around our world, in Paris, Rome, Moscow, Monte Carlo and beyond.

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