Succes is the journey, not the destination.”

– Livingstone Rijff –

With great respect for those who do not conform, Livingstone Rijff is a creative multi-tasker, specialising in photo and hyperrealism, particularly with airbrushing.

The artist describes himself as ‘self-aware, honest and pure’, characteristics we see in his art. From an early age, he has used lines and colors to tell a story, and to express feelings. His work comes from within, where everything is passion.

Inspired by Laurent de Beer, Livingstone Rijff brings his personality to the Master Goldsmith’s haute jewellery, adding depth, contrast and texture. Together, the men challenge industry and artform. They reimagine light, shape and color. They ask questions of their audience.

Excelling against the odds, always searching for positives, Livingstone’s art constantly grows, evolves, develops. Today, he demonstrates his skills around the globe, often using vehicles as his canvas. 

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